Custom Car Pack For FiveM - Civilian Car Pack for FiveM - 100+ Custom Cars


fivem car pack

Adding Custom car in fivem is lengthy task , and using multiple addon cars on different resources create lots of server load and lag. I know you can do it in one resources and it is further more harder because for the meta files for the resources. And most of our players usually demand for more custom cars in real life to the fivem server,  As a server admin I can understand the burden on the car. 

By this resources you can add multiple car all are setup for fivem, Its already created and and optimized for fivem server , so you don't have to do the lengthy process to load the cars in the server.

By adding this resource you can add 150+ cars at a time to your server. It is easy to install and just do drag and drop the folder to the resources folder of your server

There is a folder with images on this resources

You can add all ars to vMenu by adding the code below

"vehicles": [

Update this code to addons.json file in vMenu 


  • Fully Optimized
  • vMenu Support
  • FiveM Ready
  • Customizable the price on dealership


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