[Ox_DoorLock] OX Door Lock FiveM Script for QBCORE ESX OXCORE


ox door lock

This door lock script will help to do door management on your server easily. Ox_DoorLock  is a multi framework support script so it will work smoothly on any frameworks without any problems 


  • Custom UI
  • Custom password for doors
  • Multiple framework
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to customize


  • oxmysql
The door coordination and password for the locks are stored in database so the mysql is necessary to function door locks perfectly in game
  • ox_lib
It is used to use some UI elements (notification, progressbar, etc.)
  • qtarget
Used for the lock pick and /doorlock Command


  • Use Doorlock command to open the menu 
  • On the menu you can enter the Door Configuration
  • Do Confirm
  • After that you can use the qtarget to lock and unlock door
  • You can modify or delete existing doors with same functions


  • Download the Files and extract
  • Copy the folder named ox_doorlock-main to resources folder
  • Install necessary dependencies
  • Open Resources folder and rename ox_doorlock-main to ox_doorlock
  • Go to txadmin or open server.cfg in text editor
  • Add ensure ox_doorlock on server.cfg file / txadmin
  • Now open SQL database 
  • Open ox_doorlock/sql folder and open the default.sql file using text editor/notepad (you can choose community_mrpd or gabz_mrpd version )
  • Copy the content from the file
  • Paste the content on the SQL Database console and run it
  • Restart your Server 
  • Make sure the script running smoothly by checking in live console

Additional Information


Config = {}

-- Send a notification when the door is successfully locked/unlocked.
Config.Notify = false

-- Draw a persistent notification while in-range of a door, with a prompt to lock/unlock.
Config.DrawTextUI = false

Config.DrawSprite = {
    -- Unlocked
    [0] = {'mpsafecracking', 'lock_open', 0, 0, 0.018, 0.018, 0, 255, 255, 255, 100},

    -- Locked
    [1] = {'mpsafecracking', 'lock_closed', 0, 0, 0.018, 0.018, 0, 255, 255, 255, 100},

-- Allow the following ACL principal to use 'command.doorlock'
Config.CommandPrincipal = 'group.admin'

-- Allow players with 'command.doorlock' permission to open any doors
Config.PlayerAceAuthorised = false



All credit for the script goes to the team of overextended and other contributors

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