[Standalone] Seat Belt Script for FiveM With Seatbelt Notification with LEO Detection


fivem seatbelt script with seatbelt notification

FiveM Server need more roleplay oriented scripts like speed limiter and seatbelts for cars, this is a modern seatbelt script for fivem , this scrip allow to install seatbelt system in you fivem server, this seatbelt script included with the custom notification sound just like cars in real life if player forgot to put seatbelt on, and have custom audio for buckling seatbelt and unbuckle seatbelt, and this script reduce damage from the possible collision of vehicle , which is literally the use of seatbelt.


  • Realistic Sound Effects
  • Customizable keys
  • Heftier consequences for MVAs
  • Police notification system
  • Light Weight


  • You can customize the Key , Default key for buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt is "K"
  • Key bindings can be changed in the fivem section in key binding settings
  • Quick Exit  from vehicle can be done by Shift+F


  • Download the FiveM Script From Github
  • Extract the file 
  • Copy to Resources Folder
  • Rename the folder to "seatbelt" (without quotes)
  • Open Server.cfg on Notepad / Txadmin
  • Add ensure seatbelt on server.cfg on notepad /txadmin
  • Configure the Script as you wish (don't touch if you don't know what you are doing)
  • Restart the server


--- Configuration variables
--- @type table
Config = {
  --- Changes how players are identified to LEOs. Cannot be nilish
  --- - `1` = Player ID (i.e. "Player 7")
  --- - `2` = Seat position (i.e. "Driver", "Passenger", "Back left passenger", "Far back left passenger")
  --- - `3` = Username (i.e. "Hagen Hyena", "1D-32 Backer P.")
  --- @type number
  PlayerIdentifierType = 1,

  --- Distance which LEOs can detect seatbelt-less occupants within.
  --- @type number
  Distance = 20,

  --- The default seatbelt keybind.  
  --- After a player joins, their keybind will not change if
  --- the default keybind changes.  
  --- Players can manually change this keybind in their settings.
  --- @type string
  --- @see {@link https://docs.fivem.net/docs/game-references/input-mapper-parameter-ids/keyboard}
  DefaultKeybind = 'K',

  --- Custom vehicles/seats that don't have seatbelts.  
  --- Bicycles, motorbikes and submersibles are excluded automatically
  --- - `1` or `true` = No seatbelt, windscreen ejection still occurs
  --- - `2` = Seatbelt always on, ejection is never calculated
  --- @type table<hash, boolean|table<number, boolean>>
  Excluded = {
    [GetHashKey('MINITANK')] = 2, -- Seatbelt always on.
    [GetHashKey('HALFTRACK')] = { [3] = true }, -- Seat #3 has no seatbelt.
    [GetHashKey('KHANJALI')] = 2,
    [GetHashKey('APC')] = 2,
    [GetHashKey('THRUSTER')] = 2,
    [GetHashKey('RHINO')] = 2,

--- A model hash key
--- @alias hash number



Credit : TFNRP

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